how it works

Step by step tutorial how RadSnap can be used for your clinical or academic tasks.

Why don't you first check out our small demo video before you start?

Step 1
Take a photo with your built in camera on your mobile device (iPhone/iPad/Android) or load your saved image from your camera roll/device.
Tip: Set your resolution/image settings to HD (high resolution) for best image quality!

Step 2
Editing features allow in example to crop your image to show only pertinent findings.

Step 3
Several categorizations help better targeting for the right consultants or for teaching.
Categories include, section/specialty, region, modality and more.

Step 4
You may enter a title or question (depends on if for teaching or consult), description with some pertinent data like patient history, demographics such as age and gender. An optional checkbox allows sending the case to a specific group that is dedicated for consultation on Radiolopolis. This increases your chances even further for a quicker response.

Step 5
With one finger tap, submit your case to Radiolopolis, the largest Radiology network of over 10,000 Radiology professionals. Radiolopolis is a free and protected community for medical professionals.
Your RadSnap login is the same as your Radiolopolis login, so no need for redundant registration.
The case is also featured in several sections to draw attention and increase even further the likelihood for a quick response and opinion.

Step 6
The case receives its own page with integrated discussion forum and many more features. There, your case can be discussed with your colleagues and other specialists.

Step 6 (alternative)
Alternatively, you don't even have to go on the Radiolopolis website to check on your cases. You can stay informed about your case at all times - directly on your mobile device! You can also discuss your cases directly on your mobile device: You may see otherís comments and opinions and may also directly respond on your mobile device!

Step 8
Your case specific page provides many additional tools - automatically and for free. In example it provides you instantly with additional information relevant to your case such as comparison images for your case, similar cases found elsewhere, relevant publications about your topic, etc.

RadSnap just gives you the peace of mind for your final report!